Thursday, 14 April 2016

Spring has Sprung!

Been a while since I've posted! To be honest, the pond was pretty empty after the visit of the snake - 1 frog finally appeared after about a month.

They're all back now however!! A large amount of spawn was laid by the beach, remembering how it all vanished last year I protected it with a tasteful looking shopping basket!

While not the nicest looking thing in the world, it has kept the spawn safe & some of the taddies are wriggling away in the jelly.

Even more exiting than that though - I've seen at least 5 newts of both sex, and even watched one laying eggs - they place them individually on a leaf and then fold it over & glue it down - you can see a blurry pic of a folded leaf in the centre of the picture below - 

Here's a terrible picture of a newts face - 

And one of a couple of froggies sunbathing (one in & one out of the water)

That's it for now, will update once the tadpoles are thriving!!


Saturday, 8 August 2015


The ultimate Nature Garden accolade (I think) - a Grass Snake has visited!

Unfortunately - it decided to dine while it was here - 

Puffing up didn't save the poor thing - 

25 minutes later, as I was sat outside the same thing happened again!! Not sure if it was the same snake or another one. There are 2 rows of houses behind us before you hit the nature reserve & river, so the snake(s) had certainly traveled to get here.

My main worry is that it'll decimate the pond (my newts!!), but it's a real privilege to have it visit & to see it in action so close up....

Thursday, 12 March 2015

2015 Pond Diary

As I'm so terrible at updating with meaningfull entries, I'm going to try a rolling diary format.....

08 March - Frogs seen in Pond.

17 March - First Frogspawn!!

09 April - Newt seen in pond.

16 April - Frogspawn seems to have vanished, can't see any taddies.

20 April - Newt by Torchlight!

24 April - Young newt by Torchlight!

Sunday, 10 August 2014


I'm terrible at this blogging malarky.

The taddies have all grown up & left home. The pond was infested with duckweed, but I couldn't remove it while they where there as I scooped up as many of them as I did duckweed.

I had a clean up 2 weeks ago & afterwards saw a baby newt about 1.5cm still with gills. After an hour or so lying on my belly & looking into the pond I saw 2 adults on the bottom too - so really doing something right.

Young Newt with gills in pond

The Albino White Cloud Mountain Minnow is still there, as is it's normal coloured colleage. I'm tempted to get some more as they don't seem to affect the wildlife and will be useful for keeping mozzies down now all the taddies have gone......

Thursday, 13 March 2014


Even more spawn has been laid. We've counted at least 11 frogs in there. It'll be choc a block with tadpoles when they all hatch.

Saturday, 8 March 2014


I'll take this as a sign I've done things right - my first ever batch of home grown frogspawn is in the pond!!

I'm hoping it's just the starter & that the pond will be full of taddies in the near future!!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Time Flies


I didn't realise it had been so long since I'd posted!

I shall give a potted summary of 2013.....

No spawn in the pond, but a couple of small frogs turned up around April, as did "King Frog" who sat there croaking all spring to no avail!

Over the course of the summer a lot of last years frogs were seen & heard hopping around in the garden and sometimes seen in the pond. A few toads were observed too.

One of last years White Clouds had survived and another one was added (Golden version).

The air pump was turned off for winter and the pond left to it's own devices with just "King Frog" observed lurking under folds in the liner......