Friday, 17 February 2012

Not a plant in sight!

Trawled round a few garden centres & even the ones that alleged to have pond sections had no plants at all. Probably wrong time of the year!

Ended up going online to "Paul Bromfield Aquatics" and ordering the following -

2 Callitriche Verna
2 Ceratophyllum Demersum
1 Stratiotes Aloides
1 Hydrocharis Morsus Ranae
1 Lychnis Flos Cucuii
1 Myosotis Scorpioides
1 Astilbe Japonica Mainz
1 Caltha Palustris
1 Iris Setosa
1 Veronica Beccabunga

That should get it looking nice & start attracting beasties hopefully... Just got to wait for them to arrive now!

Start pics


Filled & Edged...
Edges Tidied...

The beginning....

As the family were too ill to go on our planned holiday to Yorkshire this week I finally finished digging the pond I started last month!!

A fairly simple shape, that goes to a shallow beach at one end, this'll also have marginals in it. I attempted the worlds most pathetic shelf on one side, it'll be useless for resting plant pots on, but it'll give the inhabitants somewhere to sunbathe!!

When I was digging the beach end I came across a huge piece of angle iron that goes under the back fence - no chance of digging it out so that's why the beach area is two deeper bits separated by a shallow! Covered it in carpet, as I did with the shelf itself and the bottom.

The liner & underlay arrived the next day, so installed them (with some swearing) and filled with water. I then left overnight for it to settle.

Next day was spent trimming the liner, adding some slate edges & burying most of the exposed liner. I used an off-cut to make a small bog garden next to the pond. The beach end has been left "as is" until I get some marginals to put in there & bury in the gravel.

Today I went to the Cow Pond out back & got a bucket of "live" water - lots of beasties swimming around in there, this should seed the pond with some starter life.

Am off to assorted garden centres today to have a look for plants, not sure how much luck I'll have, I may have to go online - but the only thing that puts me off is that they decide what plants you have.....

More to follow