Friday, 17 February 2012

The beginning....

As the family were too ill to go on our planned holiday to Yorkshire this week I finally finished digging the pond I started last month!!

A fairly simple shape, that goes to a shallow beach at one end, this'll also have marginals in it. I attempted the worlds most pathetic shelf on one side, it'll be useless for resting plant pots on, but it'll give the inhabitants somewhere to sunbathe!!

When I was digging the beach end I came across a huge piece of angle iron that goes under the back fence - no chance of digging it out so that's why the beach area is two deeper bits separated by a shallow! Covered it in carpet, as I did with the shelf itself and the bottom.

The liner & underlay arrived the next day, so installed them (with some swearing) and filled with water. I then left overnight for it to settle.

Next day was spent trimming the liner, adding some slate edges & burying most of the exposed liner. I used an off-cut to make a small bog garden next to the pond. The beach end has been left "as is" until I get some marginals to put in there & bury in the gravel.

Today I went to the Cow Pond out back & got a bucket of "live" water - lots of beasties swimming around in there, this should seed the pond with some starter life.

Am off to assorted garden centres today to have a look for plants, not sure how much luck I'll have, I may have to go online - but the only thing that puts me off is that they decide what plants you have.....

More to follow

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