Monday, 5 March 2012

New Beginnings....

Unfortunately Ratdog Harry got a bit excited one night and fell in the pond whilst woofing at a cat. This stopped being amusing the next day when I found that he'd taken some of the slate edging in with him & created a slow puncture. The pond was losing about an inch a night.

I looked but couldn't see anything anywhere, and then my plants arrived (apart from the 2 floaters which will arrive later)!! I decided to drain the pond & get a new liner. This was done and on Saturday (3rd March) the new liner was installed & the pond filled. The next day the plants were added, along with a bucket of pond water from the cow field (the plants had shrimps, snails and leeches on them too). The edging is better balanced this time & the dog shouldn't be able to dislodge it!! I think he's learned his lesson as he's not keen on going near the pond.

I've left a longer edge on the liner so that once the patio area is finished I can fix it so that any run off doesn't go into the pond. The bog garden has been planted too. Water is a little cloudy from the gravel on the beach area, despite rinsing there was still muck on it. That'll clear soonish.

My boss says his pond is full of frogs, so once they lay I shall be getting some spawn!!!


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